Recreating An Ageless Look

Hailey Bieber Style

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I’m sure this will not surprise you, but I love fashion.

I love fashion in the sense that it allows us unlimited possibilities for us to have unlimited self expression. We can get up every morning and think to ourself “What do I want tell the world about myself today” and then we pick out your outfit accordingly. Some days you are fancy and some days you are not so fancy, but each is a new day and each day is a new statement.

And that is what I love about fashion.

So when I saw this outfit that Hailey Bieber was wearing I stopped in my tracks and I knew this is an outfit that I would wear, have worn and will wear again. This outfit is ageless, has a great classic look and she pulls off this out with grace.

Hailey Bieber

This outfit has a vibe.

I knew the moment that I saw this outfit that I wanted to recreate this look from items available on Amazon. I will share a little secret (maybe not so secret) but recreating celebrity style with Amazon fashion is quickly becoming my favor past time. As an Amazon influencer, I spend a lot of time time on Amazon and I immediately knew that we would be able to do this. We would be able to recreate this outfit for a fraction of the price that I imagined her outfit cost. So I did a little digging and I was correct.

We can do this for less.

I was able to identify three of the items that she’s wearing and I’m going to tell you right now the three things I found will not be available on Amazon. What I found was this. She was wearing a Bottega Veneta Coat priced at $7,600. A Bottega Veneta Bag priced at $3,900. And last but not least a pair of Row boots priced at $1,290. Right now her outfit would cost you $12,790.00. I stopped digging at this point.

Time to go to Amazon.

Starting as always from the ground I was started building our outfit with the boots. The boots that Hailey is wearing in this picture are a combat style boot with a zipper up the front (love). I instantly knew which boots I was going to pick.

Say hello to the Dr. Martens Sinclair boot.

This Dr. Martens boot has the same zippered front that the Row boot has. They have a platform sole like her boots and are stinking cute! The Sinclair boot is priced at $169.99 and we are already off to a good start saving money while still looking cute.

Fun fact about me (which you may or may not know) I have a bunch of Dr. Martens. When I say a bunch, I mean I have 16 pairs of Dr. Martens. I’ve been wearing Docs since the 90’s and I love the brand. They are a good quality shoe that passes the test of time. They last for years and you can clearly see they stay in style since I’ve been rocking them 28 years.

But beyond the quality, the platform and my love for Dr. Martens, the Sinclair boots have that vibe that we are looking for. I felt good about our start and moved on to those pants.

Oh those pants!

Why am I saying it like this you ask? Let me just tell you why.

The pants that she’s wearing are baggier in some places and not in others. They are not boyfriend style jeans and they are high wasted.

Yes I got all that from that one picture!

I started looking for jeans that had a Mom Jean feel but I need the leg openings to be wide enough to roll up so we could show off the cute Sinclair Boots. It did take me bit but I finally came across these jeans. These are from Luvamia and they describe them as follows: Classic high waist, stretch, loose, balloon tapered jeans.

I knew I had a winner with I read the balloon part.

That’s what I needed. I need the pleats around the stomach and the looseness around the hips. I also needed that tapered leg to match her look. This pants got good reviews saying that they were flattering on and were made of a soft material (both very good things). They also come in a variety of washes so you could pick any color that you liked and you would still have this great looking outfit.

My next items was easy!

It was easy because I already had this item in my Storefront. That item was a black turtleneck sweater. I have to tell you, I think turtleneck sweaters are such a classic statement piece. Turtleneck sweaters remind me of my Mom and my Mom was a fashion icon. That is why I already had this sweater ready to go.

This sweater is a soft cashmere blend sweater that has a simple style that you could wear with just about anything. You can wear it with jeans like Hailey is doing here or you could wear it with a skirt and leggings or even under a pair of distressed overalls.

The possibilities for this sweater are endless.

With almost 1300 reviews and a 4.5 star rating, I felt really good picking this sweater for our outfit. I gave myself a pat on the back and moved on the jacket.

And here’s where I went rogue.

While I really like Hailey’s outfit,I really don’t like leather jackets. I don’t like the feel, I think they are too heavy and I’m just not a fan of wearing of the thought of wearing a dead animal on my back. Yes I know my Dr. Martens are leather, this is just my personal style and like I said I went rogue.

I decided to pick out a jacket that was more my style and I picked this Mid-Length wool blend coat. This has a large lapel which I think gives it a modern look. It also has large pockets and buttons and again this coat for me has more of my vibe.

I’m more soft and laid back and this coat checked all the boxes for me.

And the fact that this coat had over 6,000 reviews and a 4.5 star rating, I think I was okay doing this little switcheroo. The reviews were very positive with many of them saying that it was a super nice coat and true to size. The only review that I couldn’t say for certain would be how warm it is. From what I read I think it will depend on what part of the world you are in. If you are like me and live in a warmer climate, you will think this coat will keep you nice and warm. If you live in a cold climate, let’s say the Mid-West, you might want to consider using this more a layering coat. Either way I think it’s cute and 6,000 reviews can’t be wrong can they?

We have her outfit – now we need to accessorize!

I think I showed my age when I it came to the accessories. I say that because when I first took a look at what she had on I was rather shocked that she had a silver belt buckle and gold glasses and earrings. I was raised to not mix my metals. If you had silver on your buckle you had silver earrings. Or the other way around, gold buckles means you are wearing gold earrings.

So I had to stop myself and remind myself that I love to mix patterns, why wouldn’t I mix metals. I mean let’s live outside of the box even further than I already do!

So I picked her accessories exactly like she had them.

I found a leather belt with the silver buckle that had 4.5 stars. I found a very cute pair of gold rimmed glasses that I thought was almost an exact match.

And finally a pair of gold hooped earrings. These earrings are actually Amazon’s best selling hoop earrings with a mere 39,000 reviews I thought we would be safe picking these.

As I was sitting there admiring my work well done, I realized one thing.

I had forgotten her $3,900 handbag.

So back to Amazon I went. With this one I took my time and this one took me the longest to find. But what I found l thought was a great match. This bag is a crossbody bag that can be worn like how she has hers or as the name of the bag says, you can wear it crossbody.

The JW Pei Maze Crossbody is a vegan leather (which I like) and the reviews say that it’s very soft and the vegan leather is a good quality. This bag has a 4.5 star rating and it was exactly what I was looking for.

I think this bag is just a cute as the one she is wearing and I felt it was affordable. It’s priced at $119.99 which is a far cry from $3,900. Yes you can find a cheaper bag but if you want a nice looking back that looks like a really expensive bag you got it right here with one.

So I’m now back to feeling great about myself for a job well done.

I think this Amazon outfit would pass the vibe test and truthfully I think it would be just as cute as Hailey’s. I would wear this any cold day. I feel like this outfit would be a true representation of who I am and I would be telling the world my story for that day.

That story would say “I’m fierce”.

Until next time!

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