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Hands down my one and only fashion hero would be my Mom. My Mom taught me everything I know about clothes and most importantly how to pick outfits that would make me feel good about myself. Style is an extension of who we are and we express who we are every time we get dressed. We need to like what we see when we look back at ourselves.

My Mom is my fashion hero but Bella Hadid is my fashion inspiration.

Bella’s style is something that I absolutely relate to. She has a flare of fashion and an eye for style that I could myself wearing. And this, again solidifies what I always say. “Fashion does not have an age limit”. You can wear whatever you want at any age. I’m 58 and would raid her closet in a heartbeat!

I am however fairly sure I would get in a bit of trouble raiding her closet, so in lieu of getting in trouble, I decided to recreate one of her outfits with similar items that I found on Amazon. From her shoes to her accessories I looked high and I looked low until I found items that matched her style. I felt like a fashion detective hot on a case and I wasn’t giving up.

Bella Hadid’s Earth Tone Outfit

The outfit that I picked to recreate for today’s challenge is this earth tone outfit that she wore recently in Milan for Fashion Week. Let me stop here really quick and say- “She’s so darn cool and I love her style.” Okay I’m back but yes I love her style and this outfit has such a cool girl vibe. But wait, I’m a cool girl and I want to have that vibe so let’s get to shopping.

First the boots.

What I noticed about the boots that she’s wearing is that they have a worn in look. A look that says “I just got done rounding up the cattle” kinda look. I wanted to find a pair of boots that already looked like they had seen a trail ride or two and I didn’t know if I would be able to match what I was looking for. I was so excited when I came across the pair that I knew would work. What I found was the Roper Dusty Riding Boot. If nothing else the name says it all “Dusty”. But the look was exactly what we needed. They are dusty looking (which I really like), they have a squared off toe and the heel is the right height. I personally don’t think that a higher heel would look right with this outfit and this boot has a 1.5″ heel. High enough but not too high. They have a 4 star rating and are 100% leather so they should last the test of time.

We are off to a good start.

The pants were harder to find than I thought they would be and I even looked outside of Amazon. The pair that I finally ended up with and I thought looked like Bella’s were these Vintage Straight Leg Cargo Y2K Pants. They have a low rise fit (check), they are army green (check), they are flared at the bottom (check) and they are cute (check, check). These pants are a cotton blend and lightweight and have a 4 star rating. They are giving off the Y2K vibe and Bella is known for a rather vintage look. Side note – when I think vintage I think the 60’s, when you are younger vintage has a whole different meaning. But vintage is vintage and these were what we needed

The next one was easy.

Bella paired her boots and pants with a cute cropped white tank top. Now if you are sitting there and thinking to yourself “I would never wear a cropped top.” Stop! Stop right there, the only person stopping you from wearing a copped top is you and I personally think anyone can wear a cropped top. I don’t care if you don’t have a perfect stomach (whatever that looks like), it’s your stomach and it beautiful and you need to show it off with this top and this cute outfit. This is a cropped top from Meladyan, it has a rounded neck and has a racerback. With 4.5 stars and lots of great reviews, I hope I gave you the motivation to try something new – like this cute cropped tank.

On to that amazing messenger bag she’s holding.

I knew once I saw her bag that I wasn’t going to find the exact bag on Amazon. The bag that Bella has is a Vintage Graffiti Chanel bag that you can pick up from Sotheby’s from a mere $11,500.00. Yes you heard me right. Yes that bag is gorgeous and yes I found one similar on Amazon.

What I found was a cavas Messenger Bag from Gootium. This has a vintage look and it has a 4.5 star ratings. The reviews that I read said it was a perfect sized bag and the colors were great but in my opinion it needed a little something. It needed to be bedazzled. If you look closely to her bag you can see there are some flowers and pins on the bag so I thought why not do that to ours. All you have to do is get some lapel pins (whatever fits your personality) and make it more personalized to your style. If I would do this I would get a smiley face (because I like to smile), and a cat holding a knife it its mouth (I don’t think I need to explain that one!).

Having fun yet?

Our next challenge aka item to find on Amazon was her sweater. Now she didn’t make it very easy for me to figure out what she was wearing based on the first picture, but that didn’t stop me. Nope it did not. I went looking and I found a picture of her a little later that day. That’s not creepy – right??. I told myself that it was all in the name of fashion! Any Who – The sweater she has around her shoulders in the first picture is a blocked turtleneck with stripes down the sleeves. The turtleneck I found from Amazon also has a combination of block color and stripes. I picked the burgundy one because I love the color combo of green and burgundy. This is a loose fitting sweater with 4.5 star reviews. The reviews said it was soft and well fitting. I say it’s cute and looks great with the outfit that we are building.

But I didn’t stop here.

I still had to find her accessories because accessories are such a big part to any outfit. Accessories add such a fun flare to every outfit and again, just like the messenger bag you can have your accessories say so much about your self expression.

I found some Goody Headbands and a pair of classic thick green sunglasses. Both of these items give this look a cute pop of style. I did however; save the best for last and what I found was a vintage looking gold watch. Yes I matched her outfit all the way down to her gold watch. That watch reminded me so much of a watch that my Mom wore in the 70’s and again this little detail gives me even more respect for Bella’s style choices. She picks what she wears right down the the smallest detail with again, such style. (Yes I’m being a fan-girl at the moment but I can’t help it). The watch that I found from Amazon is a gold Casio with the white squared face. It got 4 star reviews and fits the bill perfect for the retro look and finishing piece to the outfit.

And there you go.

There’s our recreated Bella Hadid earth tone outfit from Amazon. I personally think I did a pretty good job matching the items and more important I had a lot of fun doing it and even more fun sharing everything with you. Sometimes we forget that fashion doesn’t have to be serious and it doesn’t have to have a bunch of rules.

I hope you have fun looking at the items I found and let me know who’s outfit we should recreate next!

Until Next Time……

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  1. I think you are super cool!! I am quite a bit older than you, but this is the look I have always liked. I worked for many years in an office, so I couldn’t have gotten away dressing like this. I have always had my own style, though!!

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