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If you know me you know that I love the clothing brand Free People. The look, the vibe, the ageless feel of their clothing, it just checks all the boxes. Well I mean it checks all the boxes but one and that one box is the price tag. I can’t tell you how many times I have looked at my Free People app, found an outfit, decided it would look great on me and then go put it into my cart and bam! The price hits me. The price hits me and I just can’t bring myself to spend that on a sweater, or spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of jeans. I just can’t do it when I know deep down inside, I can find something just as cute for less.

If you know me you also know that I’m an Amazon Influencer. I spend hours on Amazon looking for deals, looking for new cute items and looking for that next item that I have to share. Now I’m shopping on a mission. The mission is to find clothes that looked like Free People, but has a price tag that we could afford.

So I started looking and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. I found sweaters, jackets and pants (oh my)! Best yet, I found really cute things at a fraction of the price. I found jackets on Amazon that looked so much like the Free People brand jacket that they actually used the same FP picture and just put their jacket on it.

So after doing my research and reading the reviews, I have come up with five items that I think are similar enough to the Free People item, have 4 star reviews or better and these are items that this Free People lover would wear.

Without further ado – here’s what I found.

The first item I found was an oversized lightweight puffer jacket. The Free People jacket called the Pippa Packable Puffer. It has a boxy fit and is rather cropped (it won’t go past you bum). This packable puffer runs a cool $198.00 The fit on the Pippa Puffer is oversized.

The Amazon puffer jacket looks just like the Pippa Jacket and is priced at $70.99. Right off the bat we are saving $127.01 and that’s not too shabby! I own the Pippa jacket and truthfully was a little bummed that I didn’t figure this out a long time Ago. So we agree that these jackets look the same and the review agreed. Many people like myself had purchased the Pippa Jacket and now had the Amazon version. They all seemed to agree that they looked similar and the only difference I could see is that while the Pippa jacket is oversized the Amazon one is not. So you will need to size up to get the same boxy feel. The oversizing is the best part of this jacket and in my opinion what gives this jacket such a cool look.

At this point I was having too much fun and went looking for the next find.

I was on Instagram the other day (believe it or not) and I saw an ad for Free People’s Moxie Pull On Barrel Jean. I must say I saw those and thought they had such a cool vibe. They were oversized and cropped with just enough baggy to look hip. Then I looked at the price and suddenly they weren’t so cool. Priced at $148.00 I knew they were out of my price range and over to Amazon I went.

What I found at Amazon was, a pair of jeans that was everything I just described in the barrel jean. The Amazon loose cropped pants were oversized, they were cropped and priced at $44.99. Suddenly the barrel jeans weren’t as cute with a savings of $103.01 the Amazon pants were my new favorite. I thought how cute would these pants be with some Dr. Martens and a chunky cable-knit sweater. Add some hoop earrings and sunglasses and you have yourself a super cute outfit. You could buy that entire outfit for what the pants alone would cost at Free People.

I was on a roll!

Next I found this Unitard Romper on Amazon (this time I went there first). I have been seeing these all over the place and I think they are so cute. You can wear these on their own with some cute sneakers, with an oversized sweatshirt and high tops or with a long cardigan sweater and some knee-high boots. The ideas are limitless. Priced on Amazon for $19.99 I thought this was priced right and I put one in my cart. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to see how much something like this would be on Free People. Would it be more expensive? Would it have better reviews?

Priced at $88.00 The Good Karma Runsie had similar reviews and a similar look. For a savings of $68.01 I headed right back to Amazon and bought that one. If you, like me, think this is cute and want to give it a try, here’s what I read in the reviews (I don’t have mine yet). The reviews said that this was cute and stylish, they loved the fit and it runs a little large. I sized down one size and like I said before, it has so many way to style this.

I’m starting to feel like a fashion detective at this point!

One FP item that always catches my eye is their sweaters. They always look so cute, warm and oversized. I think the oversized look reminds me of just being comfortable, comfortable with my style and comfortable being me. One sweater in particular that has always caught my eye is the Easy Street Tunic. I see this one available at Nordstrom and Macy’s all the time and priced at $128.00 I knew I could find it cheaper on Amazon.

What I found on Amazon is the Batwing Pullover sweater. This one is priced at $29.98 and savings you $98.02. With this savings you can but more than one or two! They have a large variety of colors and again this had good reviews. Now, I am going to tell you the one difference I saw was, while this sweater looks like the Easy Street Tunic, it’s not oversized – it runs true to size. If you don’t want that baggy look and you like it form fitting then order your regular size. But, if you are like me and you like that baggy comfortable look, size up. In fact I would personally size up two sizes. That’s how much I like that look. Other reviews said with was heavier than expected (so it will keep you warm) and it was soft (that’s always good).

By this point I was rather proud of myself and I thought I had found some really good finds, but I wasn’t done. I needed a “wow” moment and I got that with this next and last find.

As I was taking a stroll across the Free People page, I came across a cute pair of 90’s inspired leather pants. We all know everything comes back sooner or later and 90’s pants are very in at the moment. These leather pants had that perfect 90’s vibe and a not so perfect price of $348.00.

You guessed it – off to Amazon I went.

What I found there were these 90’s inspired faux leather pants. Perfect 90’s vibe with a perfect price of $44.99. So you are saving $303.01 and you are saving a cow. Beyond the cow saving you could literally have the same vibe, same look, same outfit for so much less! I know sometimes I’m guilty of looking at cute fashion, seeing the price and just saying to myself “I wish”. Now we can see it and wear it! The reviews were very good on these pants. From good quality, to comfy to 1000% recommend. These pants will look so incredibly cute this Fall and Winter.

You can dress them up with some heeled boots (boots are very in FYI) and a chunky turtleneck sweater. You can wear them running errands with a graphic sweatshirt and Converse sneakers. Just so so many things you could do with these.

So, in total if you bought these Amazon items in lieu of the Free People items, you would have saved yourself $699.06. That is a lot of money.

So at the end of the day, whether you shop the looks that I provided (all products are linked) or find your own “like” products. The whole meaning of this blog is to let you know we don’t have forfeit our style because we can’t afford $348.00 for a pair of leather pants. We need to stop telling ourselves that if it’s not expensive it won’t be cute.

I always say “Style and Fashion have nothing to do with the price tag and have everything to do about how it makes you feel”.

Find you style (at any price) and find your happy.

Until next time!

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