Channel Your Inner Mary Poppins

There is just something special about good ole Mary Poppins. Besides her talking umbrella, beautiful smile and that amazing carpet bag that carries every thing, she has just the right amount of magic.

Just like Mary Poppins, we too have the right amount of magic in us. I’m not talking about casting spells or turning your angry neighbor into a toad. I’m talking about the kind of magic that makes you pick up the phone and call an old friend, just to find out that they were down and needed to hear a friendly voice. The kind of magic that makes you slow down at a green light for no reason, only to have a car run a red light. The kind of magic that you fill in the pit of your stomach when you know something is quite right. The kind of magic that we all have locked inside of us just waiting to get out.

Some people call it instinct, some call in luck, some call it bullshit, I simply call it magic.

So how do you unlock your inner magic? Well, there are all sorts of way you can do this and each person will have to find their own key to unlock their own magic. Because as you know, like I say….We all have our own paths and what works for one person might not be the exact fit for another. I’m going to share with you the way that I unlocked my own magic and hopefully this will get you started on your way to unlocking yours.

First – you have to simply believe. You have to believe in your own magic and what you are telling yourself. When your inner voice talks you, stop and listen to what it is saying. So often we brush if off or push it aside and don’t listen to what we are trying to tell ourselves. You can’t always push aside what you inner voice is telling you. You will have to just start listening and believing. Here’s and example: You drive to work the same way every day, then one day for no reason, your inner voice tells you to go a different way only to find out that there was an accident on your regular route. Had you of gone that way, it could have been you. You not only do you have to listen to your inner voice you have to believe what it is telling you. This gets easier over time once you learn to follow your instinct.

Second – you have to believe in yourself. So you decided to start listening to your inner voice AKA magic and you started to believe what it is telling you. Now you will need to start believing in yourself. Your inner voice is really just you, it’s just the subconscious part of your brain that we don’t listen to because there is too much life noise going on. If you have a feeling, act upon it. Don’t push it aside or tell yourself that it is nonsense. It’s not – it is your magic. Trust yourself, you will not let yourself down.

Third – Explore your mind and unlock more potential.You don’t have to wait for your magic to come to you, you can actually go looking for it. The best way to do this is to meditate. Please don’t tell my you can’t mediate because everyone can, you just have to work your way up to it. So back to my point, meditation is an amazing way to unlock your magic. You can explore that part of your mind that you keep locked away. You can push past all the noice to the quietness of your mind and get in tune with it. Here are a few steps to help get you started if you have never tried meditation before. Find a safe spot. By this I mean a quiet spot that you can relax without worrying about someone walking by or interrupting you. Put on some soft music (this will help calm your mind) and let you mind wander. At first it will be all over the place. That’s okay, it will calm down after time. Once you get the hang of meditation, you will learn to just soar through your mind. I have had some amazing experiences with meditation, but that is a blog for a different day.

Fourth – Journal your experiences. Write down every time your inner voice talks to you, what it says and how you reacted or how did you feel. Do this for a month and then go back and read what you wrote down. It will surprise you how often you actually have interaction with your magic. I guarantee you that you were pushing it aside or not listening to it for a long time. I personally think as children we are much more connected with our magic and that it is age and our daily grind that drowns it out.

Fifth – Find people who have also unlocked their magic. I have a couple of special friends who have the same level of appreciation for their inner voices/magic and I absolutely love sharing stories with them. We always learn something new from each other. You will find a lot of this kind of thinking at yoga, they are a very self aware bunch of folks. You might find that some people don’t want to hear or believe in any of this and that’s perfectly fine. Some people don’t want to look beyond what they can see and again that’s perfectly fine.

So there you go. You now have some steps to help you along your way to unlocking your own inner Mary Poppins. It’s totally up to you to decide how much of your mind you want to unlock and how much you want to keep locked. I personally like to explore inside my head and see what’s rattling around in there. But I do keep a few areas locked up because I just don’t want to revisit that pain. But that is my choice…….I am the supreme leader inside the realm that is called my mind.

Until next time my friends……….

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  1. Hi! Like your blog! 57 years old and still having a hard time dealing with aging! Your blog has inspired me to get my head out of my ass and keep moving! Thank you! P.S. I wear tye dye sneakers and T-shirts that are snarky! Keep fucking moving!! Have a blessed day!😀🐓

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