Where do I start???

Here I sit, 56 and feeling like I am finally being the best version on me. I spent too many years hiding from things. I hid from the truth, I hid from the past and I hid from myself. There are times in my life that I came close to letting the real me out but I was always too scared to do it. Good news is – I am no longer scared.

My stories are going to have a combination of funny life moments and some not so funny life moments. But either way they will always end up with an upbeat message. I absolutely refuse to do negative. Life is hard but I won’t it make it harder. So let’s start with a story so you can get a feeling of what’s to come.

How I got kicked out of the Blue Birds.

Back in the 60’s, the Blue Birds were for girls that were too young for the Girl Scouts. Now for some reason my Mom decided to put me into the Blue Birds when I was 7 (I think I was drawn to the fancy uniforms and asked to join). The meetings were fun and full of young girls eager to be older and graduate to the Girl Scouts. Everything was going according to plan until the one Sunday afternoon when my Dad decided to tell us a new joke he had heard. I personally thought is was very funny and my Mom, Sister and I all had a good laugh. It was such a good joke that I decided to share with my troop. Now go figure…my Mom received a call from the troop leader and according to the one side of the conversation that I heard, I was asked not to come back. I’m not sure if it was the joke, the fact that I had to explain the joke or the reaction and tongue lashing that my Mom gave the troop leader. But either way, I never went back.

Yes, I remember the joke and yes I will share it with you.

“What is the only thing the Jolly Green Giant is afraid of?”

Answer: Avocado pickers

If I have to explain this to you, send me an email and I’ll tell you why.

This is one of my favorite life stories. I love that fact that I’m different, that my childhood was different and because of that…I have many more stories to share.

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  1. Hello Lonni,
    I’m happy I’ve found you (on instagram and here), I love your freedom and yours daily and inspiring posts. I need an explanation for the avocado pickers (maybe because I’m french and speak poor english). Have a good day !

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