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Welcome, welcome welcome. My name is Lonni and I’m just your average middle aged woman who stopped dyeing her hair and started getting more tattoos. I’m a firm believer that just because I’m not in my 20’s or 30’s I can’t make my mark on the world. It has taken decades in the making but baby I’m here. What I’m looking to do with my Blog is this….I want to share my life experiences with a flair, with color and with humor. I had a strange childhood (who hasn’t), I’ve been a single parent since 1998 (if you do the math you will figure out my boys are grown men), I have past addictions and I’ve had to deal with loosing more than one loved one. I don’t look at any of these things as a negative, I look at these things as amazing life experiences that have gotten me to where I am today. By the way…I love where I am today.

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6 thoughts on “Wear What Brings You Joy

  1. Hi Lonni, My name is Lavina. I live in the Mid-west. I am 60 years and have a body suit. I have 4 children and 3 grand-kids and love your YouTube channel. It has made me more comfortable in myself and I appreciate your stories. Please keep it up. I live in a small town and cover most of the time but feel that through you the day is coming where I won’t feel the need to do so. My nickname is Inkerbell, LOL! Sending Love and Hugs!

  2. I turned 58 this year, I see my gal friends sliding into frumpiness, realize it of myself too, But I don’t want to “go gentle into that good night!” Thanks for being a reminder that there’s yet a whole lotta spicy left in life if you keep up the right attitude! It’s funny, I’ve been thinking of getting my first tattoo for a few years now!

  3. Hi Lonni,

    I’ve been following you on FB since 2020 and I have to say you have truly inspired me as a 55 year old woman to wear what I want and be unapologetic about this. So much so, that today I bought on line a pair of black very very shiny vinyl leggings, (think Sandy in the original Grease movie). I think your story and mental health journey is inspirational. More power to you and thank you for putting your message out there and making society realise that women of 50 years and over are relevant and should never be considered invisible. Thank you for being you. You look amazing 💜🥰💃

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